VMware TrueSSO – Certificate renewal error

I recently had an issue with a customer where TrueSSO had expired certificates and Horizon was not seamlessly logging on to the users within their desktop. Their horizon administration had an error and indicated that their existing CA certificate was expired and needed to be renewed (unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot the admin console). When logging onto the enrollment servers […]

Optimizing O365 licensing on RDS/VDI deployments

Optimizing Microsoft O365 Licensing on RDS/VDI using PWA

Microsoft O365 licensing and the costs associated with it can be a challenge for enterprises with a mix of users requiring different functionalities. Healthcare is a nice example of an enterprise that has multiple different users, and not all require the same functionalities and thus Microsoft Office licenses. I recently co-invented a solution together with one of my customers on […]

End-user computing (EUC) in the hybrid workspace

So I recently had the opportunity to do a webinar for VMware about something that I love, EUC, and combining this with a hybrid workspace! Today’s IT Admins, VI Admins, and IT managers face increasingly complex environments. This can be both from a business perspective (services, people) and from an IT standpoint: Cloud, modern applications, and digital transformation. In this […]

Horizon Instant clones error vm.ctkEnabled

Today, I had an issue with a customer that had problems with their HorizonApps Instant clones farm. While provisioning a new version of the image, it failed with the following error: Fault type is VC_FAULT_FATAL – A specified parameter was not correct: vm.ctkEnabled. The customer already mentioned that they found the following KB article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/76280 But after applying the workaround […]

VMUGBE leadership

Why I joined the new VMUGBE Leadership

With the new year upon us, it is time to lift the vale on the next chapter in the Belgian VMUG endeavor. I am very happy to say that I can call myself officially a VMUG Leader for the Belgian community as of today. But first, we want to thank Erik Schils for the fantastic job he has done over […]

Horizon on VMC on AWS lessons learned

Horizon on VMC on AWS Lessons learned

I wrote this follow-up blog on designing and deploying Horizon on VMC on AWS, I’m creating a blog series on the lessons learned during some projects. Deploying Horizon on VMC on AWS Limitations All solutions have limitations, Horizon on VMC on AWS also has multiple features that are currently not supported or never will be supported, for example, linked clones. […]

Design Horizon on VMC on AWS

Designing a Hybrid Cloud with Horizon on VMC on AWS.

I know I have been quiet the last few months, but this is because I have been doing some large VMware PSO projects: designing Hybrid cloud solutions and implementing Horizon on VMC on AWS deployments. Which took most of my time but now┬áI want to translate all the experiences I have had during these projects, into a nice blog article. […]

HPE SUM patching

Patching HPE Gen 10 ESXi servers with iSUT

In today’s post, we will take a look at patching HPE Proliant Gen 10 servers running vSphere ESXi using HPE iSUT. This patching method allows sysadmins to install firmware updates to the server components directly from the ESXi SSH. This is a handy solution that provides an easy way of patching firmware and maintaining an overview. Of course, I can […]

Stale PSC entry in your vSphere environment

Resolving stale PSC entries from your vSphere environment

When decommissioning and modifying SSO domains, you sometimes forget to follow the correct procedure and end-up with stale PSC entries in your vSphere environment. In this blog, we will take a look at how to identify and resolve these stale entries. NOTE This guide is not a quick solution, be aware of the commands we are running can have a […]