Horizon connection server – assembly error

Horizon upgrades are usually straightforward: create a VDM backup and upgrade the primary connection server and you should be good to go. But recently I got a strange assembly error which took me down a loophole in figuring out what was happening. So some context, the customer was running a fairly simple deployment on Horizon 2111 and wanted to upgrade […]

VMware TrueSSO – Certificate renewal error

I recently had an issue with a customer where TrueSSO had expired certificates and Horizon was not seamlessly logging on to the users within their desktop. Their horizon administration had an error and indicated that their existing CA certificate was expired and needed to be renewed (unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot the admin console). When logging onto the enrollment servers […]

Solving NVIDIA ECC issues

NVIDIA vGPU less framebuffer available

I recently had a customer complaining they had less available framebuffer on their NVIDIA vGPU than the specs indicated. As this is a question/remark that I frequently get from customers that invest in NVIDIA vGPU’s, I wanted to create a quick blog about it. Some additional details, the customer bought NVIDIA T4 GPUs with 16GB of the framebuffer. They were […]

Horizon Instant clones error vm.ctkEnabled

Today, I had an issue with a customer that had problems with their HorizonApps Instant clones farm. While provisioning a new version of the image, it failed with the following error: Fault type is VC_FAULT_FATAL – A specified parameter was not correct: vm.ctkEnabled. The customer already mentioned that they found the following KB article: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/76280 But after applying the workaround […]

Stale PSC entry in your vSphere environment

Resolving stale PSC entries from your vSphere environment

When decommissioning and modifying SSO domains, you sometimes forget to follow the correct procedure and end-up with stale PSC entries in your vSphere environment. In this blog, we will take a look at how to identify and resolve these stale entries. NOTE This guide is not a quick solution, be aware of the commands we are running can have a […]

VxRail no space on bootbank error ESXi

VxRail / ESXi – Not enough space on the bootbank

When I recently got the chance to install a new VxRail cluster for a EUC project but ran into a “Not enough space on the bootbank” error. I wrote this blog on how I approached and solved the problem. The cluster was used for a Windows 10 VDI project using NSX-T micro-segmentation in combination with vGPU for graphical acceleration. Some […]

Vmware HCX - VMC on AWS

VMware HCX – service appliance upgrade error

During maintenance on a customer’s VMware VMC on AWS environment, I had an upgrade error with the VMware HCX server mesh appliances. And this was something that was not really documented online, so I wanted to blog about it. During the upgrade of the VMware HCX service mesh, I got an error. The initial HCX Cloud and Enterprise appliance did […]

identity manager invalid suite token error

VMware Identity Manager – Invalid Suite Token

When redeploying my Horizon lab today, I encountered a strange issue when configuring the identity manager. I tried to add my active directory into Identity Manager (IDM), but got the following error: “Connector communication failed because of invalid data: Invalid token suite“. The deployment of my lab was pretty straight forward as in 1 connection server, 1 IDM appliance and […]