Horizon on VMC on AWS lessons learned

Horizon on VMC on AWS Lessons learned

I wrote this follow-up blog on designing and deploying Horizon on VMC on AWS, I’m creating a blog series on the lessons learned during some projects. Deploying Horizon on VMC on AWS Limitations All solutions have limitations, Horizon on VMC on AWS also has multiple features that are currently not supported or never will be supported, for example, linked clones. […]

Design Horizon on VMC on AWS

Designing a Hybrid Cloud with Horizon on VMC on AWS.

I know I have been quiet the last few months, but this is because I have been doing some large VMware PSO projects: designing Hybrid cloud solutions and implementing Horizon on VMC on AWS deployments. Which took most of my time but now┬áI want to translate all the experiences I have had during these projects, into a nice blog article. […]

HPE SUM patching

Patching HPE Gen 10 ESXi servers with iSUT

In today’s post, we will take a look at patching HPE Proliant Gen 10 servers running vSphere ESXi using HPE iSUT. This patching method allows sysadmins to install firmware updates to the server components directly from the ESXi SSH. This is a handy solution that provides an easy way of patching firmware and maintaining an overview. Of course, I can […]

Stale PSC entry in your vSphere environment

Resolving stale PSC entries from your vSphere environment

When decommissioning and modifying SSO domains, you sometimes forget to follow the correct procedure and end-up with stale PSC entries in your vSphere environment. In this blog, we will take a look at how to identify and resolve these stale entries. NOTE This guide is not a quick solution, be aware of the commands we are running can have a […]

Cloud Pod Architecture

VMware horizon hidden gem – Cloud Pod Architecture

I wanted to write the last blog post for this year on some hidden gems that possibly some people do not know exist in VMware horizon 7 and 8. In this blog we will discuss a feature called cloud pod architecture that perhaps you already have read about in my VCAP DTM study guide. But for those that don’t have […]

VMUGBE session Jens Herremans

VCAP DTM design session – VMUG Belgium

Last week, I was fortunate to be able to do a session “In the trenches by day, aspiring to be an architect by night” at our own VMUG in Belgium. Together with my good friend Maarten Van Driessen, we did a session on how to best approach a new design from an architectural point of view. This was a high-level […]

VxRail no space on bootbank error ESXi

VxRail / ESXi – Not enough space on the bootbank

When I recently got the chance to install a new VxRail cluster for a EUC project but ran into a “Not enough space on the bootbank” error. I wrote this blog on how I approached and solved the problem. The cluster was used for a Windows 10 VDI project using NSX-T micro-segmentation in combination with vGPU for graphical acceleration. Some […]

VCAP7-DTM Study guide part 4

VCAP7-DTM Design study guide Part 4

In part 4 of our VCAP7-DTM design study guide, the network design will be discussed. This section will be broken down into some key topics that will guide you in your design and study for the VCAP7-DTM design exam. As before if you have missed any of the previous parts. Following index provides a nice overview: Index VCAP7-DTM Design study […]

Vmware HCX - VMC on AWS

VMware HCX – service appliance upgrade error

During maintenance on a customer’s VMware VMC on AWS environment, I had an upgrade error with the VMware HCX server mesh appliances. And this was something that was not really documented online, so I wanted to blog about it. During the upgrade of the VMware HCX service mesh, I got an error. The initial HCX Cloud and Enterprise appliance did […]