Horizon Connection server admin page 404 error

VMware Horizon connection server 404 error

My colleague Robin Geldolf and me have recently been experiencing a 404 “webpage not found” error, when connecting to the admin page, after upgrading your Horizon connection server.

To my current experience, this is for all versions from Horizon 7.7 and higher. And does not always happen as there is no mentioning of it on the known/resolved issues on the release notes: Horizon 7.8 release notes.
Following error should be seen when connecting to the https://localhost/admin/ (admin page).

Connection server 404 error


The solution is to rename the existing tomcat “admin” folder to something like “admin_old”. This can only be done when the Horizon web component (tomcat) service has been stopped (See image below).

Else you will get an Windows error saying that the files are locked by a running service.
nginx webapps folder on connection server

Next start the VMware Horizon View Web Component service. The connection server will automatically recreate the “admin” folder.

Horizon View web component service

After this your admin page of that connection server will be working again.
Off course this method could be used exactly the same on any subfolder in the webapps folder. Like the portal or html5 admin page.

I hope this quick guide helps you!

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